Product Case History

Charleston Promotions Case History by Market

Colorful Decals promote reading & newspaper section designed for kids
Newspaper uses Auto Cards to increase subscriptions and promote community
Newspaper stand uses multi-layered campaign featuring Custom Decals, Shelf Wobblers and Floor Decals
Get on the Play List with Bumper Stickers from Charleston Promotions
CDs spin into a variety of uses for radio station

Library uses plastic Hangers to reward young readers
Bumper Stickers encourage kids to earn diplomas
Education association uses Bumper Stickers to encourage students to graduate
Utility company distributes Magnets as part of “Homework Hotline” program

City introduces household recycling program to children via Charleston Promotions Bumper Stickers & Decals
Environmental organization discourages littering with Bumper Stickers from Charleston Promotions

Charleston Promotions Mouse Pads help bank introduce new service for business clients
Charleston Promotions Floor Decals lead customers to new check cashing machines
Charleston Promotions Presidential Rulers have kid appeal

Health Care
Charleston Promotions Magnets help hospital direct patients to new facility
Hospital creates first aid kits with Charleston Promotions Custom Decals and generates referrals
Hospital sends Gill-line Magnet Mailers to introduce new facility
Local Dentist uses magnets for promotion
Vision Health uses plastic Hangers and magnets to build business

Charleston Visitors Center develops city recognition with a variety of Charleston Promotions Custom Decals, Mugs, T-shirts and logo apparel.
Wholesaler distributes Charleston Promotions pens to build brand awareness

Public Administration/Government
Police department implements program to reduce auto theft using Charleston Promotions Window Stickers
Watch dogs see money saving features using CDs in lieu of printed reports

Mail order company boosts sales with Charleston Promotions Mouse Pads
Summerville Honey Producer uses Embossed Foil Seals to create upscale image for local honey jars
Patriots Point uses Charleston Promotions Bumper Stickers to promote products, create image
Channel interest with Static Decals placed on guests’ TVs
Restaurant captures market share with Business Card Magnets introducing To Go service
Video game manufacturer uses Charleston Promotions Custom Decals to launch new game series
Restaurant builds image & atmosphere with Charleston Promotions Bumper Stickers

Charleston Promotions Golf shirts help heating & cooling company keep customers coming back
Magnets score points for real estate market

Special Events
Local club raises funds with Charleston Promotions Bumper Stickers
SC State Fair builds recognition with variety of Charleston Promotions Decals and Stickers.

Tourist attraction develops local business with colorful Charleston Promotions Custom Decal Sheet
Charleston Promotions Mouse Pads help museum bring historical flags to life
New Market Battlefield State Park use Embroidered Caps, emblems and Magnets to highlight the Civil War Battlefield
Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond uses custom logo apparel products, mugs, caps, emblems and magnets to boost in store and internet sales.
VMI Museum produces T-shirt line featuring Stonewall Jackson’s beloved horse “Little Sorrel" who died in 1886
Isle of Palms makes “IOP” a hit with decals, embroidered T-shirts and mugs

Trade Shows
Charleston Promotions Bumper Stickers & Labels generate attendance and build recognition for state fair
Association generates trade show traffic with uniquely shaped Charleston Promotions Floor Decals

Full Color Magnets remind guests of wedding dates
Recordable CDs thank guests with reception photos
Coffee Mugs remind guests of the date to remember