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Being Irish, I thought it interesting that the first two soldiers to die in the Civil War by accident were Irish. The collector Charleston souvenir embroidery emblem will honor this garrison and the first shots that started the Civil War in Charleston.

Fort Sumter's Garrison

April 12-14, 1861

By Nationality:

A total of 86* officers and soldiers garrisoned Fort Sumter during the April 12-13, 1861, bombardment. Of that number only 23 were native-born Americans. While the nationality of two soldiers is unknown, the remaining 61 were from Europe. Of this number 38 (63%) were from Ireland. Overall, almost 44% of the entire garrison were from the Emerald Isle (“Erin Go Braugh!”, translation: “Ireland Forever!”).

Europe: 61

Denmark 1 England 1 France 1 Germany/Prussia 16 Ireland 38 Scotland 3 Sweden 1

U.S.A.: 23

IN 1 KY 1 MD 1 MA 1 NH 1

NY 6 PA 5 SC 1 TN 1 VT 2

VA 2 Wash. DC 1

Nationality Unknown: 2

During the April 14th surrender ceremony, one of the guns discharged prematurely and Pvt. Daniel Hough, from Tipperary, was killed. Embers from this premature firing ignited a nearby stack of blank rounds. This explosion injured Pvts. George Fielding, Edward Galway, James Hayes, John Irwin, and George Pinchard. All but Pinchard were from Ireland. Galway, died in a Charleston hospital five days later. So the first two soldiers to die in the war were Irish.